Public authorities have special requirements for communication solutions. Especially the simplicity, operability and security are of primary importance for administrations. stashcat® fulfils these requirements in particular and provides further features for an effective daily routine in public agencies. 

Communicate Efficiently and Securely in Your Agency

To meet the requirements of a modern administration, conventional means of communication are no longer sufficient. The internal flow of communication needs to have a high degree of efficacy, effectiveness and rapidity.
Public authorities require a data privacy conformal communication solution that enables the opportunity to provide all colleagues with relevant information and documents within a secured environment. 

stashcat® fulfils the requirements in regard to data privacy and makes the exchange between individual employees, departments or communication with other branches possible. User data is processed with end-to-end encryption in stashcat® and is treated according to the German data privacy laws. The opportunity to embed stashcat® in a pre-existing infrastructure protects stashcat® from attacks of outsiders. 

Uncomplicated Exchange within Your Agency

Many different communication channels are being used in public authorities to distribute information. As a result individual employees or departments are sometimes not reached. 

With stashcat® you can have internal conversations in private or group chats that take place in an inaccessible environment for others. With the #Channel feature you can create themed channels, for example for every department within the agency, for uncomplicated communication in groups or teams. So you easily coordinate your internal communication. 

Internal Documents are Always Available

Public authorities face the challenge to administer an enormous amount of documents and have to provide the steady availability of these documents. Next to file sharing between individual employees or multiple departments, documents also have to be shared across different administrative institutions. 

Documents are accessible on every terminal device independent of your location and can be shared with other users if requested due to the personal file storage in stashcat®. Also every #Channel and conversation have an own file storage. 

Your Benefits:

  • Fast and efficient communication
  • Organization of administrative procedures among departments and branches
  • Encrypted exchange of text messages and documents within or across public agencies
  • Connection to the internal directory via LDAP
  • Location-independent usability via PC, web or smartphone app
  • Integrated translation feature for barrier-free exchange of information

Employee Information through Incorporation of stashcat® Contents on the DSB®

With the information display for internal employee communication you can share general information with your colleagues, also in subsidiaries or other buildings. With just one click you can display contents you have generated or shared with the stashcat® desktop client or mobile app on the stationary Digital Signage Board®. In combination with current news feeds, you can reach all your colleagues via the DSB® and your internal employee communication, both mobile and stationary.

stashcat® is set up in Only Three Steps

Connection to the Internal Directory via LDAP

stashcat® can be connected to the LDAP or active directory. Therewith, employees can use their pre-existing corporate accounts also directly for stashcat®

Distribution of User Data

All employees in the organization can login immediately with their credentials. You can reach all colleagues immediately via the desktop client, app on smartphones and tablets, or browser. The app can be downloaded in the App Store at any time and can be used promptly. 

Set up of Groups and Channels

Individual colleagues, teams, departments or relevant user groups across locations can be reached in real-time through groups. 



You can find this and more information in our booklet. 

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