In crisis situations, the military needs a functioning and stable platform to communicate messages and documents, or to share the current location of troops during a mission. In order to provide the military with such a robust, secure and reliable solution, stashcat® fulfills these requirements and offers further important benefits for the military application. 

Stable Communication in Critical Situations

During a mission, the forces of the military must quickly and securely confer with each other in order to initiate the right activities. Currently, the radio system is mainly used in the military. However, this can lead to overloaded radio channels, especially in larger groups.

With stashcat®, the military has a secure communication platform that meets the requirements for stability, security and resilience. Even under adverse conditions, a robust and reliable information transfer is possible among the task forces. 

Messenger and File Storage United for Holistic Team Communication

Radio as the sole means of communication is nowadays too short for the military because no text messages, pictures or documents can be sent. At present, the military can only send announcements to soldiers through voice messages. 

In addition to the exchange of text messages, stashcat® also enables the secure exchange of files. Each chat and channel as well as each user has its own file storage and the possibility to easily share documents with other users. 

Integrated Geo-Referencing

Integrated Geo-Referencing for the Location-Independent Allocation

Especially in dangerous military operations, it is necessary for the individual members of the troop to know each other's mutual location in order to support themselves if necessary. This is only possible to a limited extent with current solutions.

By geo-referencing with stashcat®, troop members can share their current location to other members, especially in emergency situations, and take necessary steps immediately. 


  • Encrypted messaging and protected file exchange in one platform
  • Failure safety and maximum redundancy according to military requirements
  • Direct and fast accessibility of all members of the troop and other group organizations
  • Communication through central channels for a troop
  • Integrated geo-referencing

Play out your stashcat®-contents on the DSB®

With the control room display, you can generate and share contents, via the desktop application or the mobile app of stashcat ®, on the Digital Signage Board® with the entire control room

With just one click, contents can be shared stationarily on a channel that is displayed on the DSB®. This way, your information is always accessible to all parties involved, mobile and stationary.

stashcat® is set up in Only Three Steps

Connection to the Internal Directory via LDAP

Use your existing user management by connecting stashcat® to it and then use the functions of stashcat® via LDAP.

Distribution of User Data

All soldiers can login immediately with their credentials. Via the desktop client, via app on the smartphone, tablet or via a browser on the PC, other members of the troop or groups can be reached at any time. The app can be downloaded in the App Store at any time and is usable promptly. 

Set up groups and channels

Individual users, groups or entire troops can be reached in real time via created #Channels.