Stable and Data-Conformal Communication Solution

For critical deployed communications, it is of particular importance for fire brigades to have reliable means of communication that in addition to the requirements of stability, data protection and security, also serve to coordinate the field forces on the ground. stashcat® fulfills these requirements and moreover, offers fire brigades additional useful functions.

Fire Brigades’ Communication in Critical Operations

Professional fire brigades and voluntary fire brigades have the important task of saving people in dangerous situations. Communication solutions must fulfill special requirements in order to enable communication to be secure, stable and prompt.

stashcat® fulfills the requirements of fire brigades in regard to data protection, security against interception, and it enables the exchange of individual task forces, several groups and also the control center within one data protection-conformal communication environment. stashcat® can be used by any internet-enabled device, whether via smartphone, web or desktop messenger.

Coordinate Task Forces with stashcat®

A reliable and stable communication network for fire brigade units in operations is of particular importance in order to ensure the smooth cooperation between all the forces involved, and across different fire departments and the control center.

stashcat® combines the usual chat functionalities with its own cloud memory into a holistic communication environment. Via individual and group chats as well as #Channels, you can exchange, manage and store documents, such as pictures or videos, in addition to textual information.

Integrated Alarm Function for Fast Responses

stashcat® can also be used to alert the required emergency forces. Due to the integrated push function, the relevant persons are immediately informed about the alarm and are given first information, such as alarm and march out orders, assignment keywords and address, map information of the target area, and the radio status. In particular, where the digital signal receivers do not have sufficient reception, but a good reception is available with the mobile telephone, the alerting is thus ensured.

Stable and Data-Conformal Communication Solution

Using radio technology alone is no longer sufficient for the increased demands on communication systems. For radio networks, there is the danger of a lack of security against interception and stability, since encryption cannot be implemented adequately. Also the transmission of data is not possible in the existing radio networks or only to a small extent.

stashcat® is operated centrally on encrypted, redundant servers exclusively in Germany and alternatively on premise. Data exchange is encrypted using the latest SSL encryption methods. In the final step, the data is encrypted on the user’s terminal device, using a combination of AES and RSA algorithms. 


  • Correction of communicative problems of fire brigades, especially during critical operations
  • Direct and fast accessibility in critical situations
  • Communication through central channels, whether for a region, task force or department
  • End-to-end encryption for the interception-free exchange of messages
  • Secure hosting in Germany or on premise
  • Location-independent usability via desktop, web or app
  • Simple and intuitive use 
  • Failure safety and maximum redundancy according to fire services' requirements

    Visualize Your Contents on the Control Room Display

    The complete solution, consisting of stashcat® and the control room display, represents the latest state-of-the-art technology. You can also communicate content via the desktop application or mobile app of stashcat® onto the control room display in the fire department. With just one click, contents can be shared stationarily in a channel that is displayed on the Digital Signage Board®. This way, your information is always accessible to all parties involved, mobile and stationary.

    The stationary control room display shows all important information at a glance. According to your wishes, the operation-relevant data, e.g. alarm and march out order data and radio status of the respective vehicles. On maps, the site of operations, the approach route as well as the location of the fire brigade units and the change in the positions can be shown. In order to make the best possible assessment of the on-site situation, pictures can be sent to the control center. The images are displayed along the position data on the control room display.

    stashcat® is set up in Only Three Steps

    Connection to the Internal Directory via LDAP

    Use your existing user management by connecting stashcat® to it and then use the functions of stashcat® via LDAP.

    Distribution of User Data

    All employees of the fire brigade can register with their access data at any time. Via the desktop client, via app on the smartphone, tablet or via a browser on the PC, all user groups can be reached at any time.

    Set up of Groups and Channels

    Through created groups, task forces can reach each other in real time as well as connect with the fire station.