In everyday work in corporations it is essential to supply all employees quickly with information and that important documents are always at hand while at the same time ensuring that confidential information are not disclosed to outsiders. On this account stashcat® provides corporations with these very features and moreover, it offers further valuable benefits. 

Efficient Communication for all Corporate Divisions

In corporations, relevant information have to be distributed to the majority of employees with different workplaces on a daily basis. Given different workplaces and communication channels, there is the risk to not reach all employees and to not distribute important announcements comprehensively. 

With stashcat® employees can communicate quickly in private or group chats, or #Channels can be used to reach an entire department for example. So employees without a permanent computer working station, such as filed agents or production workers, can be provided with information quickly and easily. Thereby, stashcat® can be operated with a desktop client or via an app on smartphones, tablets or in the browser. 

Files are Available - Always and Everywhere

Different departments – different systems. Many different ways of sharing files and information are existing in everyday work life. Employees have to access different platforms separately, they have to know exactly where which documents are being stored, and which channel is used to distribute them. 

Every stashcat® user has a personal file storage in which documents can be stored, accessed on every terminal device, and shared with other users if desired at any time. Furthermore, every conversation and #Channel has a file storage too. In which, shared files can be found and used immediately through the search feature.

Encrypted Exchange of Messages and Documents

Especially in the corporate environment a safe handling of data is of central importance. Social networks are no longer used solely for private purposes, they found their way into corporate life, as their fast means of communication are valued and no safe alternatives are present. However, the use of popular services, such as WhatsApp, is often in strong disregard to federal data privacy regulations. 

The operation of stashcat® is ensured by the employment of different redundant servers. The user data will be processed end-to-end encrypted on premise or in a server centre in Hannover and will be treated in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (Germany).

Benefits for Corporations at a Glance:

  • Simple distribution of documents and arrangement of appointments
  • Encrypted exchange of confidential text messages and documents 
  • Flexible access via desktop, web or smartphone app
  • Data privacy conformal hosting in German server centres or on premise
  • Perfect integration through connection to a central LDAP
  • Own branding and adaption to your corporate design
  • Translation feature for the barrier-free exchange of information 

Employee Information through Incorporation of stashcat® Contents on the DSB®

With the information display for internal employee communication you can share general information with your colleagues, also in subsidiaries or other buildings. With just one click you can display contents you have generated or shared with the stashcat® desktop client or mobile app on the stationary Digital Signage Board®. In combination with current news feeds, you can reach all your colleagues via the DSB® and your internal employee communication, both mobile and stationary.

stashcat® is set up in Only Three Steps

Connection to the Internal Directory via LDAP

stashcat® can be connected to the LDAP or active directory. Therewith, employees can use their pre-existing corporate accounts also directly for stashcat®

Distribution of User Data

All employees in the organization can login immediately with their credentials. You can reach all colleagues immediately via the desktop client, app on smartphones and tablets, or browser. The app can be downloaded in the App Store at any time and can be used promptly. 

Set up of Groups and Channels

Individual colleagues, teams, departments or relevant user groups across locations can be reached in real-time through groups. 



You can find this and more information in our booklet. 

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