Requirement for a successful communication of police forces in critical operations and the protection of the population is that the police is equipped with a data privacy conformal and steadily working communication solution, which enables a secure and fast exchange of messages and documents. stashcat® provides remedy. stashcat® offers further advantages for an efficient communication for the police next to the aforementioned features. 

Current Challenges in Police Communication

Inner security is endangered through unprecedented scenarios such as the extremist attacks in the city centre of Munich or the plentiful sex assaults in the night of New Year’s Eve in Cologne. Furthermore, the police is challenged by communication failure and system overloads as it was the case during the cancelled international soccer match in Hannover or the attacks in Brussels. Hundreds of action forces need to communicate in groups during large-scale operations. Whereby, the infrastructure of radio networks reaches its limits. Action forces that use Short Message Services, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, due to a lack of alternatives are risking disciplinary proceedings or comparable consequences. 

stashcat® as a Police Messenger 

stashcat® fulfils the requirements in terms of data protection and security. Thereby, common chat features of WhatsApp and cloud storage facilities like Dropbox are combined into one data privacy conformal communication environment with included file sharing. In private individual and group chats, and #Channels police officers can easily communicate with one another or across different precincts via smartphone, web or desktop messenger. stashcat® can be used from every web-enabled terminal device, whether through a closed network or the existing GSM network. 

Requirements of the Police to a Communication Solution

The police needs communication systems with high availability and special features. Thus, the systems need to be reliable, stable and resilient, as well as having a secure transmission of messages. The operability needs to be ensured constantly in order to be able to act fast in dangerous situations. Creating communication networks of flexible sizes to exchange the latest information represent important components. 


  • Direct and fast accessibility
  • Communication via central channels for one region, task force or department
  • Bug-proof exchange of information and messages through end-to-end encryption
  • Optionally communication across public precincts 
  • Reliability and maximum redundancy in accordance with requirements of mission critical authorities
  • Solving communicative problems especially in crisis situation
  • Location-independent usability via desktop, web or app
  • Simple and intuitive use 
  • Secure hosting in Germany or on premise 

    The Complete Solution for the Police – visualize your content on a control centre screen

    Contents you generated via the desktop client or mobile app of stashcat® can be communicated through the Digital Signage Board® in the control centre. With just one click contents can be shared stationary in a channel, which will be displayed on the DSB®. Thus, your information always reach everyone, mobile and stationary.

    stashcat® is set up in Only Three Steps

    Connection to the Internal Directory via LDAP

    Use your existing user management by connecting stashcat® to it and then use the functions of stashcat® via LDAP.

    Distribution of User Data

    All employees in the organization can login immediately with their credentials. You can reach all colleagues immediately via the desktop client, app on smartphones and tablets, or browser. The app can be downloaded in the App Store at any time and can be used promptly. 

    Set up of Groups and Channels

    Individual colleagues, teams, departments or relevant user groups across locations can be reached in real-time through groups.