Efficient solution for a holistic corporate communication

Corporations need an efficient communication solution that enables all persons in the organization, also field agents and production workers, to communicate with one another and share files easily, securely and quickly. 

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Public Authorities

Communicate securely within your public agency 

Public authorities need a data privacy conformal communication solution that enables to supply all colleagues with relevant information and documents within a protected environment promptly and furthermore, that makes the internal communication flow more effective. 

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Mission Critical Authorities

Effective and flexible communication in crucial operational situations

Authorities and organizations with security purposes are facing the challenge to communicate effectively and quickly with one another. However, failures of radio networks and system overloads of internal solutions make the problem-free exchange in crisis situations almost impossible. 

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Failure-resistant troop communication

The military needs a communication system that creates reliable and secure connections in order to ensure a smooth exchange of information among task forces in crisis and threat situations. A robust and data privacy conformal communication environment has to be ensured even in unfavourable communicational conditions. 

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