New GDPR for Instant Messenger
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As a customer, you entrust us with a large amount of personal data every day. We are aware of the great responsibility we have towards you and in the context of protecting your data. In order to enhance the protection of such personal data, a new data protection regulation (GDPR) was introduced throughout Europe this year.

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What does this new regulation mean for you as a stashcat® customer when dealing with data? And what makes stashcat® a data protection compliant messenger according to the new GDPR?


The new EU General Data Protection Regulation with regard to Messengers

The new General Data Protection Regulation, which became effective in Europe on May 25, 2018, strengthens the rights of users of messaging services and their personal data. Moreover, it punishes infringements by providers with high fines. Messengers like WhatsApp that require access to the private contacts on the phone may only be used in a purely private context. As soon as professional data is stored there, the use is not compliant according to the GDPR.


What does the new GDPR mean for stashcat® customers?

Every organisation that uses stashcat® must clearly agree in advance to the processing of data. This is ensured through the contract for order processing. In addition, a processing directory is available for download, which provides information about which data are processed for which purpose and in which form. 


Transparency with regard to data protection guidelines

We offer you complete transparency of our data protection guidelines. These can be accessed at any time via If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to

Contract for order data processing

A contract for order processing, in compliance with the GDPR, is signed with each company. We offer every company a ready-to-sign contract template.

Information and guidelines for data protection

The processing directory provides you with information on what data we collect for which purpose and for what form of communication. This is available for download.

No access to the user's contacts

stashcat® is not based on phone numbers. As a result, the messenger neither accesses nor saves the data from the personal phone book on your device.

Secure Hosting in Germany

The stashcat® data centre is located in Germany (Hanover).

Data processing in the European Union

There is no connection to servers outside the EU, all data remains exclusively within the European Union.

Encrypted data transmission

The provision of stashcat® is completely encrypted. Further information can also be found at:

Principle of data economy

When communicating with stashcat®, as little personal data as possible is collected and processed. Only name and e-mail address are required. Technical measures for the protection of personal data are standard in the development of stashcat®.

Deletion of data

stashcat® enables the complete deletion of users and all associated personal data as soon as, for example, consent is withdrawn.

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