stashcat functions listed


stashcat® provides you with different features for creating your communication, file management and administration fast, effective and easy in the often hectic every day working life in corporations and public authorities. The individual features of these domains can be below: 



You can create individual channels for every division in your corporation with the #Channel feature. #Channels are denoted with a hash and can be found through the search feature. Furthermore, the #Channel feature gives you the opportunity to coordinate the communication through the straightforward exchange in teams and groups.

Private and Group Chats

Swap ideas in dialogues through private or group chats. Your conversations and sent files always remain within a secure environment. Moreover, your conversations take place in an inaccessible framework for others. So you have in addition to the #Channels another opportunity to communicate fast and straightforward with your colleagues through stashcat®!


Desktop clients are available for Mac OS X and Windows from version 7 on, which integrate perfectly into your daily workflow and extend your personal cloud onto your desktop. The stashcat® messenger app can be used for the native utilization on mobile devices on iOS or Android basis. 


stashcat® supports you to overcome linguistic distances. You can translate text messages from the respective native language automatically into another language to communicate barrier-free with colleagues due to the built-in translation feature.


Push Notifications

Through push notifications you will receive a notification on your smartphone when something has happened on stashcat®. So you get to know immediately when for example you receive a new message or a file was shared in a group without even opening the app yourself. 

Video Telephony*

With stashcat® you cannot only exchange text messages and files through #Channels and conversations, but can also call one another. The integrated video telephony enables you to speak to your colleagues with stashcat® while seeing them at the same time through the camera of their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Condition is the use of a suitable UTMS mobile phone or laptops, notebooks or PC monitors with a webcam.

*available soon


Voice and Video Messages

You can record voice messages with stashcat® and play them back directly in a conversation. Voice messages can be used on the way when it has to go fast and there is not enough time for writing. 

File Management

File Management 

Every user in stashcat® gets an own data storage in which files can be deposited, accessed and changed at any time. So every user has his or her files available on any device and can share them with other users as desired. 

Not only users but also #Channels and conversations have an own data storage in which deposited files can be found and used directly through the search function. 

Folder Sync

With the stashcat® desktop client, the data storage in stashcat® can be connected to the local folder structure. So documents, such as presentations for example, that are stored on a PC or another terminal device can be accessed immediately via the desktop client or smartphone app. Thus, you always have your files with you and can work independently from your location – regardless of being in the office or in the field. 


Mobile Application Management

stashcat® is compatible with current MDM systems. If your organization already uses a MDM-solution, stashcat® can be adapted and integrated individually. Furthermore, stashcat® offers an integrated Mobile Application Management (MAM) system and ensures a secure operation and access to the app with the devices used for the professional application and in accordance with corporate guidelines. Thus, employees can use the stashcat® app confidently and conform to data protection requirements on their private or corporate mobile devices.

Connection to the LDAP

stashcat® fits in perfectly to the pre-existing corporate infrastructure and can be connected to the LDAP or Active Directory. This enables your team to directly use existing corporate accounts also for stashcat®

Hosting On-Premise

When you prefer to host your communication solution locally, you can operate the stashcat® service completely on premise. 


Use stashcat® as a branded app in your individual corporate layout. We provide you with the necessary messaging technology and offer you a messenger for the flexible use on mobile devices via iOS or Android, or as a desktop app and web platform. 

Play out Your stashcat® Contents on the DSB® 

Contents, as for example current announcements, you generate and share with the mobile stashcat® app can also be communicated via screens to inform the whole workforce, customers and visitors with the Digital Signage Board.

By just one click, contents can be shared stationary into a #Channel, which is broadcasted on the DSB®. Thus, your information always reaches involved parties, both mobile and stationary. 


stashcat® in comparison

Nowadays, messaging services play a major part in everyday life. Different operators provide users in the professional environment with diverse features. In the following table you can see the degree of fulfilment of different services in comparison with stashcat® For a better overview, you can choose two or more services and contrast them via the filter button.

  • desktop client
  • mobile applications
  • group chat/channels
  • data storage for every user
  • videochat
  • closed contact data base
  • globale search
  • end-to-end encryption
  • hosting on premise
  • hosting in Germany
  • oficial German version
  • individual branding
  • LDAP connection
  • stashcat Logo


  • Dropbox Logo


  • Dropbox Logo


  • Dropbox Logo


  • Dropbox Logo